Online Security

Online Security

Since WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems it has also become prone to abuse. At our company we have to deal with infected WordPress pages on a daily basis. Unfortunately cleaning the hosting package sometimes does not cut it. The site can be listed as potentially dangerous or otherwise compromised on google or any of the many other security websites. To ease your pain of searching for these sites a list has been compiled and posted bellow:

Best thing to do in order to keep your (WordPress) site safe is to use security plugins (like WordFence) and regularly update your WordPress installation (with plugins and themes as well).

I will cover more about how to clean up your website (and keeping it secure as possible) in one of my next posts.
A few quick tips include using only the plugins that are available thought WordPress’s official database. All the plugins are checked for malware before they are posted.
Buy your themes from well known websites and try not to install any “free” or “nulled” versions of them. Nulled versions are a recipe for disaster. They almost always include malicious code that then costs you more to clean up than it would to actually buy the theme.

Till next time I hope your website stays safe!

Disclaimer: Some of the links may become broken in time, if you find one feel free to drop me a line. The links were collected through various other blogs and sites in order to help create it.

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