Block ADs with PiHole (even outside your local network)

Online ads are getting more and more annoying by the day, not to mention most of the time they are inappropriate for adults let alone kids. So my daughter (10yo) set up a Pi Hole AD blocker with two Raspberry Pis (on different locations) and VPN so you can safely browse the internet even when […]

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utorrent logo

Fix uTorrent JSON-RPC and remote code execution security issue

All users who use this client are strongly advised to take measures. What the issue is about: If you have WebUI enabled, attackers can gain access to pretty much any location within your computer, download or upload files and execute them. Apart from that, attackers can exploit uTorrent’s RPC feature, which is enabled by default, to access […]

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ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf) installation

Install ConfigServer Security & Firewall for cPanel / WHM

So I actually received an email asking me how do I secure my servers. The answer (for servers using cPanel /WHM, DirectAdmin & Webmin) is quite simple. All you need to do is install ConfigServer Security & Firewall (CSF). A free security script with quite a few features that makes managing your server’s firewall easy and […]

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Remote MX Wizard installation for cPanel WHM

Install Remote MX Wizard plugin for cPanel / WHM

So what is this “Remote MX Wizard” plugin for cPanel / WHM you may ask? Well it’s a simple little free plugin developed over by the guys at gk-root in order to ease your suffering in adding Google Apps (G Suite) MX records for your clients. Now you can simply do that with one click. […]

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Red Star Linux login

Red Star Linux 3.0 – Installation

So for my first tutorial on this page I decided to write about something that most of you want to know how it looks like but have no practical use for it – Red Star Linux.What is it that make this Linux distribution so special you ask? Well this is the only official operation system […]

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