The whole world is going crazy these days with the Marvel’s 11 years old “Infinity saga” franchise coming to an end.

Even thou Marvel Studio made a terrific campaign of  of course douchebags on the internet (mostly on Facebook) have different ideas. This is how to simply protect yourself from spoilers with Social Fixer.

First things first. Let’s download Social Fixer;

The installation is quite simple, like with any plugin for your browser, just make sure you pick the right one.

Now do the following:

  1. Click on the icon on Facebook and then on Social Fixer Settings.
  2. Click on Filters
  3. Click on Create a New Filter
  4. Give the Filter a Name
  5. Copy and paste this into the field without the quotes: “Avengers|Avengers endgame|Avengers: Endgame|Endgame|Thanos|Marvel|iron man|spider man|captain marvel|ant man| black widow| the wasp|black panther|captian america|cap. america”
  6. Choose if you want to block partial words or the phrases as a whole.
  7. Click on Done Editing Filter

You can now browse Facebook without the fear of running into spoilers. Of course, you can use this method for any series (example: Game Of Thrones) or movies that you may want to avoid spoilers from.

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