Hello all,

due to my recent job change and lack of time I have decided to simplify Slurp-Ramen.com in a more “FAQ” style web page.

The main reason being is really simple. Slurp-Ramen.com was supposed to be a website about well, you won’t guess it; ramen. All that has changed and I wanted to do something with it and then the idea of a tech blog came to mind. Its initial idea was to simply store snippets of code (bash, php or any other) for myself. Available publicly so I can access it anywhere, somehow this evolved into a somewhat picturesque blog that well I have no time for. Thus I am now reverting this blog back to my original idea, snippets, code, and other stuff like that. No special tutorials with pictures and so on.

Since well I do use Google Analytics I was surprised by the fact that people actually read this blog so I hope you won’t be too disappointed in the new style.

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